Saturday, August 19, 2006

UPDATE: Met John Dean, author of "Conservatives without Conscience"


You can reach my Home page at: LYDIA CORNELL

Human Events recently published a hit piece assassinating the character of lifelong conservative Daniel Borchers in order to quell rising interest in Ann Coulter’s current plagiarism problems.

Here are links to a 5-part series of essays by CoulterWatch's Dan Borchers on his mind-bending adventures trying to expose the truth about HUMAN EVENTS, one of the "news" journals that supports and enables Ann Coulter's crimes. Borchers, of Citizens for Principled Conservatism, is a lifelong conservative and a Christian. He was the first to reveal Ann Coulter's hypocrisy and its damaging effect on the conservative movement — years ago. Stay tuned....





In Part V, Borchers addresses some of the smear tactics perfected by Ann Coulter and her cadre of supporters who are willing to make false accusations and threaten Coulter’s critics, INCLUDING LYDIA CORNELL.

[Daniel Borchers is the Editor of BrotherWatch and the President of Citizens for Principled Conservatism. He can be reached at]

From Bill at SailerFraud: "Ann Coulter is not only a notorious racist, fascist, hatemonger, and liar, but she is also notorious for plagiarizing the works of other authors and journalists and claiming it as her own so she can profit. One journalist and editor named Daniel Borchers has been tracking and exposing Ann Coulter's illegal plagiarist activities for years. Daniel Borchers is the editor of the websites Citizens for Principled Conservatism, BrotherWatch, and CoulterWatch. He was among the first journalists to expose Coulter's plagiarism of her earlier books in 1998, High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Knowing how power hungry right-wing extremist organizations are that promote Ann Coulter, the far right were very active to smear and slander Daniel Borchers with lies, fabrications, and hateful language. Mr. Borchers, who is conservative himself, contacted us directly to tell the truth about the hateful and fraudulent tactics the far right used to smear him. Below is part 1 of Mr. Borcher's article describing his treacherous experiences with the far right after exposing Ann Coulter's plagiarism. Part 2 will come next week. The article is printed with the permission and request of Daniel Borchers." - Steve Sailer

And to discuss SPIRITUAL SOLUTIONS to the world crises, along with some amazing prayer miracles in the next few weeks, please check out RADICAL PRAYER at my other blog THE PEACEMAKERS* LIGHT OF TRUTH



Ann Coulter & Co. Use Smear Tactics & Threats to Intimidate Foes
By Daniel Borchers

Ann Coulter and her friends and colleagues use threats and smear tactics to intimidate and silence critics of Coulter. They have privately defamed me for years. But the truth has a way of revealing itself.

The private attack upon my character began in earnest in February 2002, when I publicly rebuked Coulter at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Since then, Coulter and her colleagues have engaged in a vendetta against me. As I predicted at CPAC, I had become persona non grata among some conservative circles because I dared to speak the truth.

Most recently, Human Events Online published a defamatory essay against me. The bald-faced lies and fabricated falsehoods contained in that partisan polemic by Coulter confidante and colleague Lisa De Pasquale were stunning in their scope and elusive in expressing truth.

The sheer weight of duplicity subsequently exposed in De Pasquale’s hit piece forced Human Events to remove her slanderous essay, but the perpetrators have yet to either apologize or publicly retract their character assassination.

In rebuttal, I published a five-part series of essays dealing with that diabolical diatribe, refuting concrete examples of those lies and using email correspondence with the editors of Human Events to show the depths to which they will descend in order to protect their premiere polemicist from charges of plagiarism (and other just criticisms). My essays can be read at:

I Human Events Trashes Coulter Critic; Scrubs Story / Retraction By a Thousand Deletions – ANN COULTER'S PLAGIARISM part 1

II Human Events’ Coulter Cover-up Continues / Editor Outs Their “Porn Queen” – ANN COULTER'S PLAGIARISM part 2

III Human Events & ACU Trash Coulter Critics / Truth Flushed Down Memory Hole – ANN COULTER'S PLAGIARISM part 3

IV Human Events Bunkers Down; Ignores Truth / Fraudulent Essay Debunked – ANN COULTER'S PLAGIARISM part 4

V Another Phantom Ann Coulter Stalker! / Conservatives Perfect the Politics of Personal Destruction – ANN COULTER'S PLAGIARISM part 5

Coulter and her cronies have – for years – privately assassinated my character in order to diminish the effectiveness of my criticism of Coulter. Their foolish public attack against me – using lies, insinuations and unfounded allegations – demonstrates the depth of their desperation to suppress the truth about Ann Coulter, her warped worldview and her contentious commentary.

Failing to follow the conservative principles they themselves espouse, Coulter and De Pasquale willingly (even, eagerly) defame those few conservatives who are courageous enough to demand integrity from their own ranks.

(See “A Call for Character” COULTERWATCH

Citizens for Principled Conservative was formed to speak the truth, to champion principled conservatism and to reignite a spirit of integrity within the Conservative Movement. Sadly, too many (conservatives) are willing to tolerate too much (extremism) for too little (partisan supremacy). Too many, too much, too little.


Blogger sailerfraud said...

Hello there,

I am the webmaster of the blog that is posting the articles by Dan Borchers.

I just want to clarify that Steve Sailer is the right-wing extremist racist who has ties and support for Ann Coulter, not the author of the blog. My name is Bill, and I go by the id sailerfraud. The blog is meant to expose the fraud, lies, and hate of Steve Sailer and his kind.

I remember seeing your 80's show, Too Close For Comfort, way back then during my childhood years. It's nice too follow up on famous actors some 20 years later, and see that you are doing well.

Thanks for linking as well.

Bill (aka sailerfraud)

4:56 PM  
Blogger Krista said...

How can Ann Coulter get away with lying, making false accusations and stealing stories from others and using them as her own.

She looks like she has evil in her eyes.

2:45 PM  
Blogger sailerfraud said...

"It only takes good men and women to do nothing for evil to succeed". That's why sites like us are around.

7:18 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Hey, I just started reading 'conservatives without conscience'.. so far excellent work. It explains the 'coulter'/Fox/Bushy types very well. Not solely as being without conscience, but addressing the spite, intolerance of other opinions, and anti-democratic demagoguery (hmm sp?)..anyhow, I'm looking forward to finishing this.
btw..saw your comment on Zee's blog and decided to mosy over.
Sorry to hear about all the personal attacks.. just think, they'll be a 'badge of honour' sometime in the future when all this madness and idiocy has stopped and people will look back (and up) to those who stood up speaking the truth and being honest. There's no shame in that.
Chin up girl, perhaps someday when menopause hits, you can think of some effective counter tactics that'll make'm blush! ha!
(a lil' testosterone goes a long way..can't wait myself, I'm still too nice, although some women don't seem to have to wait for menopause to be a B, ahem)

1:55 PM  
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